“On my 40th birthday a friend pushed me into a wave… and that was it; I was addicted to surfing and the lifestyle that surrounded it,” Simone Fan says. Born and raised in Germany, far from the ocean –– Simone eventually moved to Malibu where she raised her family, and fell in love with everything about coastal living.

Finding classic, cozy, chic, post-beach wear, Simone learned over time, is a bit of a struggle. There was always something missing in her closet. In 2021, Simone came across a picture of Pablo Picasso in his studio wearing a ruby-colored, terry cloth polo shirt and thought: I wish I had that. She decided then to reinterpret the image and set out to create the perfect line of terry cloth clothing. After many samples and fittings, she landed on a collection of staples, to be worn all day, everyday –– from beach (perfect for pulling on post–ocean dip), to dinner, to airport, to party, to work. The pieces, made locally, sustainably and ethically in LA, are carefully constructed. Every detail considered: coconut shell buttons, deep pockets, weighted and lightweight options. The collection is meant to be lived in. Truly lived in. Spilled on, slept in, loaned out, machine washed, packed. Every piece is meant to be worn again and again.

It’s no surprise that the ethos of this brand has little to do with fashion, and everything to do with living well. “I design what feels good, and I hope that others will experience that same feeling,” she says. Simple as that.